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February 9, 2017

From 6 to 8 February, the Council for Economic Affairs (CAE-Consejo para Asuntos Económicos) met in Rome to initiate some steps towards a new administrative organization at the Provincial and Local levels, as well as to initiate a path towards the determination of the Stable Patrimony, a theme that is being promoted from the circular letter “Guidelines for the management of goods in the Institutes of Consecrated Life and in the societies of apostolic life.”
Every day is an opportunity to share from experience the fundamental elements on the management of goods with evangelical administrative criteria and how to respond to the challenges of our time with transparency and simplicity.
We make our own the words of Pope Francis to the participants of the International Symposium on the management of ecclesiastical goods: “attentive vigilance is needed in order to ensure that the goods of the Institutes are administered with prudence and transparency, that they are protected and preserved, combining the primary charismatic-spiritual dimension with the economic dimension and with efficiency, which has its own humus in the administrative tradition of the Institutes which does not tolerate waste and which is attentive to using resources properly”…