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Canonical visitation to the Community of Leopoldina/Rio de Janeiro

March 21, 2016

Between March 4 and 13 the community of Leopoldina/Rio de Janeiro had the canonical visitation of the Provincial Superior of Brazil-Caribe, Sônia Regina Rosa FI. Specifically, from 4 to 8 she was in Leopoldina and from 9 to 13, in Rio. On March 11 and 12 the two community groups met in Rio to pray together, meet and live fraternity in another way.
From there the community shares: “The visit of the provincial is always a time of great richness for the community; we feel encouraged, supported, accompanied and confirmed in the mission and, above all, motivated to continue listening to what the Spirit tells us in that new process of revitalizing the local level of our lives. A time of grace, listening, mediation. Thank you, Sônia!”