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Letter number 32 of the Superior General – new foundation in Indonesia

November 9, 2023

In her 32nd letter, Graciela also shared with the whole Congregation the new foundation on the island of Flores, in the city of Ruteng, Indonesia. Great news that testifies to our universality once again.

This is what she told us:

We have long had a desire to go to this country, the East Asia province led the way. Now it is Indico Pacifico that is making this presence concrete.

I have to thank the delicate dedication of Emelinda Falsis FIwho has so painstakingly traveled, searched, discerned with her province and her government, in order to offer the General Government the most valuable data to take the step. After receiving the letter from the Bishop who authorized our presence there (DNC 139), with the Provincial Superior and my council, I discerned the sisters who would be sent. They will live in a rented house that we have found with considerable difficulty, after much searching. So we have a home!

There is also a group of young people from the Philippines, who were accompanying online, and now we will continue to do so directly.

La invitación nos ha llegado a través de los PP. Verbitas y son ellos quienes han colaborado con nosotras en todo lo que inicialmente necesitábamos. Nuestro servicio pastoral allí será la formación en general, las clases en inglés y la atención de un internado (hostel) para niñas y niños.

The sisters sent are:

  • H. Mary Juelar (Superiora)
  • H. Judith Campaniel
  • H. Mary Sweet Candelaria

¡Cuántas gracias tenemos que dar juntas al Padre porque al fin del mundo deseamos ir en busca de almas y el mundo sigue siendo pequeño para nuestros deseos!