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We bring out the best in each person, in a joyful country, full of traditions, fairs and festivals.

Colombian culture is a treasure to be discovered. Today, it is a mixture of European, African and indigenous customs and traditions that are reflected through music, art, literature and the relationship with nature. All this makes Colombians cheerful, attentive, hospitable, hard-working, creative and enterprising people.

The Daughters of Jesus here have a great influence in the lives of children, youth and families, instilling in all of them the love of the Virgin Mary, having as a reference to St. Candida Maria de Jesus.

We educate from love, tenderness, sincerity, simplicity and solidarity with those who need it most. This life experience has been transcending through many people with whom we have lived moments that have allowed us to strengthen our life project.

The Colombian culture and the charism of the Daughters of Jesus are similar in their fraternity and empathy with those most in need. Simplicity and joy in sharing experiences, involving all the people who belong to the community from the Ignatian spirituality.


With a community and the school “Reina de la Paz”.

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