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Convocation of the Provincial Congregation in Spain-Italy

June 6, 2018

In the context of the feast of the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth and the celebration of the birth of Mother Candida, MªCarmen Martin FI, Provincial Superior, communicated to the Sisters of the Province through a circular the convocation of the Provincial Congregation. It will take place in Salamanca, in the house of Mostenses, with the first session to be held on December 28 of this year, preceded by a day of retreat on the 27th. Among other things, from this Provincial Congregation will come the postulates that may be contributed for the 18th General Congregation that was convoked by MªInez Furtado FI, Superior General, last April 2 (+ info in the international website)

In her circular, MªCarmen Martín communicates that there will be a total of 47 sisters who will participate in the Provincial Congregation: 16 ex-officio members and 31 by election, as stipulated in CND 165 (Complementary Norms and Directives), which states that the number of members who must attend by election will be approximately twice the number of the ex-officio members. In the next few days the sisters will receive specific guidelines from the 
Rules and Procedures of the Provincial Congregation as well as the ballot paper.

The 16 sisters who will participate as ex-officio members are:
MªCarmen Martín Criado

Mª Ángeles Elorza Ugarte

Blanca Esther Iriarte Martínez

MªRosa Espinosa Calvo

Mª Antonia Cantalejo Berzal

Matilde Ballesteros Parente

MªCarmen Sastre Yusta

Antonella Rizzo Cesare

Elena Arambol Soriano

Enriqueta Seva Ortuño

Mª del Carmen Jiménez Correa

Mª Dolores Giménez Martínez

Mª Inés Cruz Maillo

Mª Josefa García Junco

Mª de la O Martínez Martín

Sofía Contreras San Feliciano


United in prayer

MªCarmen Martín also expresses her desire for the sisters to remain united in prayer during this time of moving toward the 18th GC.

If it is always important that we remember each other in prayer, at this time it is even more necessary, so that this may be a time of true discernment of God’s will for our Congregation today, as Mª Inez told us in her letter of convocation of the 18th General Congregation (letter nº 94).

On this date we look at ourselves in Mary, in her attitude of “touching” and embracing the Word, listening to what it says about our life and where it directs us. With Mary, who teaches us to be true Daughters of Jesus, we say: “Instruct us, Lord, in your ways.”

Likewise, we look at ourselves in Mother Candida, in her attitude of insistent search for God’s will. And with her we pray: “Spirit of God, infuse us with your gifts, so that in everything the most holy and divine will may be done.”


And in this time of preparation, year of remembrance as well, let us keep confirming one another in hope.