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Dialoguing about the local level, shared mission, formation and youth-vocational pastoral

October 31, 2016

Since last October 28 the Provincial Superiors of our Congregation have been in Rome together with the general government. “Living together, exchanging experiences and encouraging each other as Body is, indeed, a need for us who are in government,” says the Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado FI in her last circular letter. The central theme of the meeting focuses on the process of strengthening the local level and its government in each province or region and reflecting on it, evaluating some steps: celebrating stages, noting successes, identifying weaknesses and / or stagnations and encouraging continuity with creativity and diversity. In addition, among other aspects they will talk about shared mission-charismatic family, formation, Youth-Vocational Pastoral, the exercise of government, the charismatic management of our apostolic action and the economic aspect with the corresponding accounting. For Maria Inez Furtado fi, “it is like taking the pulse of the body to confirm and / or remedy aspects. Every day we are nourished by the Eucharist and the Word of God that we share serenely. We are increasingly thankful for these opportunities for encounter”.