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Electors for the 18th General Congregation

January 21, 2019

Last week, in the days leading up to the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord, Mª Inez Furtado FI, Superior General, wrote a circular to all the sisters. In the greeting of the same, and remembering the text of the gospel of this liturgical feast (“You are my beloved son, with you I am well pleased”), she expressed the desire that as Daughters of Jesus “we may listen to the voice of the Lord, calling us once more to be ‘daughters’”.

In the circular, she reminds them:

“After the Provincial Congregations, already at the threshold of the celebration of the GC in Rome, we enter the final stage of preparation. It is time to pray very especially for the Electors. May the Lord grant us the grace of total “obedience-confidence-availability”, to exercise well this sending that the whole Congregation makes us “.

She also announces the complete list of the 23 sisters who, by election in each province, will participate in the 18th GC, and the names of their substitutes:

The PC of Asia Oriental has elected:

– Elisa

– Teresa Li Liu

– Inés Ma Yang

– Magdalena

And, as substitutes:

1. Evelyn de Alba

2. María Josefa


The Índico-Pacífico PC has elected:

– Patricia Anna Aragón Toroba

– Amelia Yolanda Brandolin

– Felisa Molina Macalde

– María Leoly Makiling Quitorio

And, as substitutes:

1. Helen Catangcatang Allado

2. Normida Marquez Magadia

3. Maria da Consolaçao de Matos


The PC of España-Italia has elected:

– Raquel Amigot Goyena

– María del Pilar Brufal Jaén

– María Antonia Cantalejo Berzal

– María del Mar Domínguez López

– María Rosa Espinosa Calvo

– María de la O Martínez Martín

– Beatriz Neff Atance

– María Teresa Pinto Terradillos

And, as substitutes:

1. Anna María Martín Fantini

2. María José Fernández Benito


La CP de América Andina ha elegido a:

– Ana Apolonia Mendoza López

– Graciela Mirta Francovig

– Matilde Polanco Álvarez 

Y, como suplentes, a:

1. Rommy Sandra Villarroel Vargas

2. María Dolores Fernández Lezcano

3. María del Carmen Caballero Alarcón

The PC of Brazil-Caribe has elected:

– Altagracia González Ventura

– Melba del Pilar Neris Guzmán

– Sonia Regina Rosa

– Sonia Maria Soares da Rocha

And, as substitutes:

1. Aparecida Ramos Queiroz

2. Asunción Hernández Mora



Together with them, those sisters who are members in their own right will participate in the 18th GC:

    Superior General:

        Mª Inez Furtado

    General Consultors:

        Clara Echarte

        Jocelyn Salomo

        Enaceyla Cárdenas

        Sagrario de Andrés

    Secretary General:

        Julia Martín

    General Treasurer:

        Yajaira Hernández

    Provincial Superiors

América Andina: Marlene Serrano

Asia Oriental: Sofia Chang

Brasil-Caribe: Dayse Marianela Agretti

España-Italia: Mª Carmen Martín

Índico-Pacífico: Thelma Barahona

 With the names of the 35 Electors known, Mª Inez Furtado asks all the sisters to name them “one by one before the Father asking for all the gift of the Spirit and openness to Him”

Moving towards the18th GC

In her circular the Superior General addresses other issues related to the 18th General Congregation which will begin in Rome on April 22, such as the request of names for the formation of the Official Preparatory Commission, the sending of postulates directly to the General Congregation or the possibility that sisters who are not Spanish speakers may read the materials of the GC beforehand.

She also announces a new meeting of the International Economic Affairs Council that will meet in Rome from March 4 to 7 in order to help “read the data of the congregational financial report and give us their opinion on the economic-financial situation of the Congregation, on the administrative organization and the measures taken in the administration of the goods entrusted to us”.

Mª Inez Furtado also shares good family news: the entrance at the end of the month of four young people to the postulancy in the Dominican Republic: 3 Dominicans and one from Costa Rica. “Let us commit ourselves to accompany them with our prayer and we thank the Lord for the new vocations”.

And she says goodbye:


“With joy and confidence I commend to you the last steps of the preparation of the 18th GC, which also depends on our attitudes on the personal, community and provincial levels. I am counting on your prayers – of course – but I also hope that we will remain in a discerning attitude and openness to mediations, of welcoming life, as God gives and reveals it to us, and of living, constant and eternal faith”.

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