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FAMILY ANNIVERSARY, 2010 – October 17 – 2016

October 17, 2016

It is quite probable that Monday, October 17, we “went” to Rome again, recalling in our hearts that event lived throughout the world wherever there are members of our family.
We felt the thrill of seeing Candida Maria de Jesus hailed by the official church and by many people who felt connected to her, and to her cause as saint.
With the passing of years the memory can bring us some questions that help us to strengthen our cordial ties, having as center her who shows us the way, and to deepen our commitment to shared identity and mission ever more.
How does this woman continue to inspire us to go to the ends of the earth?
To live the joy of letting Jesus be known?
To let the poor and needy enter into the home of our heart?
To tear down walls and boundaries that close us in our little world and to hear the cries and whispers of those who need attention and caring affection from us?
Let us use this anniversary so that the date may not stay in the past but so that we can give renewed updating to the event, driving the desires and dreams that nest in our hearts, to carry on the legacy left us by Candida Maria de Jesus, woman of intrepid boldness, constant faith, passion for finding and doing the will of God, hope and confidence despite everything and against everything … her message remains current and urgent in these intensely “tough” times in which we live.

María Luisa Berzosa fi