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In her letter number 35, the Superior General communicates:

The last appointments of the six-year term:

  • After making the decision to reopen the English-language novitiate in the Philippines, she has appointed as Novice Mistress in the Indian-Pacific region Sr. H. Maria Leoly Quitorio .
  • Delegate of Mozambique – María de la O Martínez second three-year term.

Perpetual and temporary vows:

  • On April 2, the juniora will make her perpetual profession in Cebu (Philippines). Lucia . We accompany her with our prayers, giving thanks to God for her vocation.
  • The novices from Córdoba (Argentina) made their temporary profession on March 19: Madelyn , Gabriela e Isairis . They are now in their country until they travel to the International Juniorate in Granada (Spain).

In his letter he thanks the H. Francisca Maria da Conceição for her generous and joyful dedication, her service and dedication as Mistress of Novices in Cordoba.