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Getting to know us (IV)

May 4, 2019


Little by little we get to know each other and we want you to know us too. There are three other sisters: Felisa Molina from Índico Pacífico; Enaceyla Cárdenas from América Andina and Sagrario de Andrés from Spain-Italy




Felisa Molina is from the Philippines, therefore, from the Indian-Pacific Province. She carries out her apostolate in Quezon City in the field of spiritual and pastoral accompaniment.

She participates for the 2nd time in a General Congregation.

She likes to accompany young women in the pursuit of their vocation. And she shares her dream of having peace throughout the world.

ENACELYLA CÁRDENAS DUARTEhttps://hijasdejesus.org/images/noticias/hijasdejesus/CGXVIII/2.-ENACEYLA-CARDENAS.jpg


Enaceyla Cárdenas is from Colombia, from the Province of América Andina. Until now she has been residing in Rome, because she is a member of the General Council since 2013. From now on,  she waits for her assignment.


She participates for the 2nd time in a General Congregation.


Enaceyla dreams of a more coherent, hospitable, solidarity, incarnated, human, fraternal life and … with a sense of humor!


Sagrario de Andrés es natural de España, por lo tanto de la Provincia de España-Italia. Desde mayo de 2013 hasta ahora ha sido Consejera general, por lo que ha estado residiendo en Roma. Ahora espera destino.https://hijasdejesus.org/images/noticias/hijasdejesus/CGXVIII/3.-SAGRARIO-DE-ANDRES.JPG

Participa por segunda vez en una congregación Provincial.

A Sagrario le gusta la naturaleza, la música, el silencio y la amistad. Sueña con la paz en cualquier lugar del mundo y es una enamorada de la educación.

Sagrario de Andrés is a native of Spain, therefore of the Province of Spain-Italy. From May 2013 until now she has been General Councilor, for which she has been residing in Rome. Now she waits for her assignment.


She participates for the second time in a Provincial congregation. Sagrario likes nature, music, silence and friendship. Her dream is to have peace anywhere in the world and she is in love with education