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Happy presence of Father Herranz- Teresa Zugazabeitia, FI

July 5, 2018

July 5: happy presence of our beloved P. HERRANZ: his “dies natalis” in that year of 1819.

His name was Miguel … “who is like God?” Indeed, God’s strength and fidelity were manifested in him. And they were poured into the little Congregation that was born amid hardships and difficulties.

We are celebrating the experience of Rosarillo, 150 years. Also the birth of Father Herranz: second centenary of his birth. With M.Cándida, we share her joy, above all.

And the support, the gratitude, and the deep respect; and the trust, and the filial affection that blossomed in her great heart, spilling over into those verses that she wrote, as simple and sincere; intense, as she was.

“The happy moment for me

Comes now … tarry not,

Nor make me suffer

Such pain and brokenness

My heart longs solely,

What alone inspires me

Is the desire to see my Fr. Herranz,

Who keeps me wakeful

Such delight

When I begin to think

This joy it seems

I cannot endure

My distressed heart

Sighs for him

who has been witness of my travail

Shoulder to cry on

Oh, Enè, if I could

As I have wished

Become an eagle

And fly to your side!


As there with a sonorous voice

I should tell you my troubles

My shocks, my woes

And things that you, do not ignore

Your heart is the temple

the saving ark

Where this poor Foundress

her secrets locked…

For you alone know

And soonest guess

In describing the scenes

These two have shared”


Her handwriting continues …

“Cándida María (sic), in all sincerity

To her Father Herranz … “


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