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Initial phase: State of Congregation

April 25, 2019

Only four days have passed since the GC began, but they seem to be many more. The heart is already warming up and the rhythm becoming intense. And the secretaries of the reflection groups are known because they walk through the corridors well attached to their notebooks …

 But we are still in the initial phase. We continue with the first phase of the GC. This morning, we reminded ourselves that the office of the Commission for the State of the Congregation (CEC) is to formulate a report on the state of the Congregation, indicating in it the positive and negative aspects that the Commission deems important and that which would favorably give impulse and promote the life of the Congregation. (RGC 59).

We also read in RCG 61 that this report has a double objective:
– to orient in the election of the Superior General
– to indicate the points that require special interest when dealing with topics/issues

How is this document developedd. Following the norms, after a time of study and personal reflection, the electors have met in groups to share the observations and to dialogue about them to reach a consensus and present it for the report on the State of the Congregation (REC). Thus, we have asked ourselves what aspects we see that need impulse, help, defense or remedy and that should be included in the REC.

Next, we went to the groups, which have been formed with consideration that the members represented the congregational diversity and whose group size facilitates  sharing.






Part of the afternoon’s work has been the reading of economic reports, a task that is more arduous/ laborious/grueling but necessary. At 18.00 P.M.. the assembly gathered to share what was worked on during the day.


We are “touching” the Congregation; we have entered into the Body; we are getting get to know each other little by little, and we walk with the impulsethat we receive from the Hijas de Jesus and lay people who accompany us. Thank you because we are feeling the breath of God through the reality and of each one.