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Interview with Mª Luisa Berzosa, FI on the occasion of the Youth Synod

November 20, 2018

Last October, the Church in Rome met around the bishops and the Pope to discuss the Youth and its reality. The purpose of the Synod is to be able to see, with everyone’s participation, how to make the message of Jesus and the Gospel reach young people all over the planet, in a world that is increasingly secularized and where young people are suffering the wounds of a world where Hope may be lacking.

The Daughters of Jesus have been fortunate to have a direct witness at the Synod: Maria Luisa Berzosa, FI, of the Spain-Italy Province, who participated in the Commission of Experts of the Synod on Youth.

The Support Team for Communication of this Province was able to carry out an interview with her, in which she has spoken about synodality, the presence of women in the Church, youth and new forms of pastoral activity.

You can read and see the complete interview, entering in this link 
Or entering the Youtube channel of the Province of Spain-Italy in this other link.