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Let’s turn goodness

March 28, 2020
“Although it seems that evil is winning the game …
I know, Lord, that good has the last word. ”

In times like these that we have had to live with the COVID-19 pandemic and in which both information and disinformation run, which is viralized and frightened by the amazing speed and speed of communications, our hearts are touched by some and so much news that comes to us from the most diverse corners of the planet … In addition to protecting ourselves for personal care and the good of others, what is good and is very necessary, then the desire for good arises and the question of what can or can we do to help mitigate this drama somewhat? For those of us who are believers, the key question is: and to what do we feel called by God in this circumstance?

The human being is capable of everything, of the greatest and most ruinous, as the song “There is good and evil within me” reaffirms, he had been living in this part of world history a race without brake, because it imposes this “Wild Capitalism”, for conquering the world in its most diverse dimensions; even, at the cost of the life of the planet and of the same brothers who have given us for humanity. Suddenly, he comes across this situation that, although it seemed somewhat distant, is reaching us all and today, it is forcing us to listen to that “stop” to act with courage, to think, rethink and reflect from the deepest and most essential part of being. human and aim at building a new society. In that crazy and meaningless race, impossible to continue.

When we wanted to realize, this “unknown and mutant virus” was at our doorstep. Spreading many, taking life from many others, galloping from one country to another … Someone expressed on social networks, where so much information goes viral, how he had felt quite useless watching the news and, at the same time, learning so many gestures of kindness that were appearing and it was moving to good with a small initiative … Perhaps, you are also with a similar feeling? Let’s see that we can do something about it.

Many good initiatives arise. With what admiration and exemplary we have received the news from the 72-year-old priest of Bergamo, in Italy, infected by the virus who, in an oblative gesture of kindness, gave up his respirator so that it would be offered to a younger person. He had lived more years. His serene face drawn with that deep smile is the image we have left after his death. A truly good priest. That total and generous dedication of health and cleanliness personnel in all places, including giving their lives too, many of them …, beginning with the Chinese doctor who announced the presence of the virus and so unfairly treated by the government of his country . The cloistered nuns who began to make masks, as well as a simple Spanish lady with her daughter. Scientists working hours and hours looking for vaccines and finding ways to stop this spread and prevent it. Anyway…

So many gestures also from Pope Francis in all this time that we have had a pandemic, reminding us that “we can only get out of this together.” The emotional prayer for all humanity and the blessing “Urbi et Orbi” that he gave us on March 27, especially for those infected with the coronavirus, health personnel …, whose memory will go down in history and will be deeply engraved in our hearts.

This and many more visible gestures and perhaps many others in the daily silence, even in the midst of discouraging news, lead us to really think about kindness, love and solidarity. How opportune that we continue to awaken that goodness that inhabits us and that is none other than the presence of the Spirit of Good in each ray of its light, as every creature is.

Overcome this moment and even before then, we can continue offering kindness, leaving aside so much selfishness, renouncing disorderly affections, being very cautious in our comments, offering a compassionate hand as the Pope told us, in that moving prayer for humanity all . “If only one person feels less alone or isolated when facing this pandemic, then I will feel better about it.”

Let us give way to the creativity of love with which we can express that divine characteristic of Goodness. Let us ask God to awaken in all of us that full trust in his Goodness so that, seeing how generous and brave deliveries, which will undoubtedly continue to arise – because the crisis is becoming more and more acute as the days go by -, encourage us to contributing that grain of sand of goodness, small or large, does not matter. But make it ours.

“Let’s viralize goodness.” Thus, “We will overcome evil”, as the apostle Paul tells us, “By force of good and goodness.” Let us also go to the goodness of Mary, the enormously good mother. May She bring us very close to her Son Jesus, full Goodness and “Who passed through the world doing good”.


Teresa Ramírez FI
House of Bogotá, Community of Colombia


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