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Listened with the ear, the sight and the heart

November 10, 2022


It has been more than a week since Graciela and Thelma passed through these lands of Japan. It is good to let the experiences rest so that, in the end, only the essential emerges, the feelings that last over time. If we had to summarize the experiences of these days in a few words, we would say: Listen, strengthened in faith, congregational body.

Listen: because we have felt understood from our current reality with a positive outlook that enhances our strengths, even though our weaknesses are great. In Japanese writing, the character with which the word “hear” is written is composed of other characters that refer to “ear”, “eye” (sight) and “heart”. In this way, the character of “listening” tells us that the listener activates the senses of hearing and sight, and connects them with the heart. So we felt listened to.

Strengthened in faith: because, in personal and community dialogues, it helped us to continue trusting in the God who works with us and through us; to realize what is the flavor of our current vocation as a Daughter of Jesus and to continue growing in it; to put our weaknesses in the hands of the Lord so that He transforms them, as the Samaritan woman did who gave Jesus a drink from her pitcher and He offered her Living water.

Congregational body: because, through photos and “family conversations” over the table, we became aware of the life of the different parts where we are present and thus we have felt the close presence of all the sisters.

And, finally, we only have to add the word THANK YOU: Graciela, Thelma, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have left us in these days that you have spent with us, for the good spirits with which we have remained and the desire to continue doing that our day to day in this land of Japan has the flavor of the Kingdom.

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