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Looking ahead to the next General Congregation – Reina de la Paz

April 26, 2018

Colombia-Since last April 2 we have been welcoming the convocation and work proposed so far to prepare us for the next General Congregation that, without a doubt, will offer the family of St. Candida María de Jesús with the presence of the Spirit, the collaboration and commitment of all of us, “some new colors of the charism, in light of the needs of the world today” (Circular No. 93 of our Superior General).

We appreciate and value the material being offered. Guides properly thought out and prepared for the objective that they have in mind and which are really helping us to make contact with the Word of God, to pray with greater peace, to feel united to the universal congregation and to get in tune with this congregational moment that makes us look not only at ourselves but also at the world and its situations. Each day we are increasingly struck and impressed by its reality, its complex situations everywhere and in different fields; and this really speaks strongly to us of the need to build universal fraternity, even if the charism received may be a tiny leaven in the midst of the world. We end the month with hope, eagerness and gratitude. We remain united to our sisters in Rome, the general government and the provincials who are preparing the next steps.