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Meeting of Superiors in Madrid

December 7, 2016

On December 2 we, the superiors of the province Spain-Italy, gathered as called by the Provincial Superior. The objective was to reflect together on some “fundamental principles of our vocation” and share what we are living.

We began the day with the words of M. Carmen Martín, who invited us to “put our lives in the hands of God, in his will, leaving our own, and thus better serve our neighbors.”
The fundamental principles we have worked on have been:
– The Sense of Body
– Government for the union of the Body in Mission
– The FI Community
We have had the opportunity to savor again our sources, to share with others what was prayed and lived in order to become more eager and encouraged to follow the path begun.
We descended from the principles to the concrete reality of our communities trying to SEE, TOUCH, FEEL, how we are living and what we are PROJECTING.
In the midst of difficulties, concerns … we felt positive sentiments and signs of new life that we have to nurture so that they may grow and bear fruit.
We also had time to share the sense of communication as a source of unity of the Congregational Body, the economy and other issues.
We ended the day with the celebration of the Eucharist, where we left in the hands of the Father everything lived during the day and also the life of Petra whom He called that afternoon to be with Him always.
“Something new is being born, it is already in motion, do you not perceive it?”