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New International Juniorate in Granada

June 8, 2023

The last two letters from the Superior General have brought us information about the opening of the international Juniorate in Granada in September of this year. It said:

Since the closing of the International Juniorate in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) due to the lack of first stage juniors in Latin America and the Caribbean, we are considering in the general government what would help more in the future for the formation of our young women .

In addition to the search for America, we also wanted the Eastern formandi to have an international formation and to learn the Spanish language so that they could have contact with the Congregation’s foundational documents.

These were years of searching and discernment with the provincial governments.

On my visit to Spain, when I was in Granada, at that time accompanied by Maria Teresa Pinto we had a conversation with the Dean of Theology of Cartuja. He offered us a broad curriculum and we realized that there were international juniorates for both women and men.

In addition to the study of Theology and Spanish, we also want those who do not speak English to study it. This language is very necessary today for our mission, which is becoming more and more universal.

We have continued to mature in this matter and I have taken the decision to open the International Juniorate in Granada in September 2023.

In her letter number 30, she informs us of the appointment of Raquel Amigot Goyena as Mistress of Juniors and Superior of the Juniorate Community of Granada.

She takes the opportunity to tell us that The celebration of May 31 marks the end of the Last Probation in Rome. Starting June 1 and 2, they all go to follow Mother Foundress’ route. We will meet again in Salamanca to celebrate the closing ceremony on the 18th of that month.

We are grateful for the good experience that these nine sisters have had, the four who were specifically in Tertianship stage (Last Probationers) and the five sisters in perpetual vows who had not done so because of the pandemic. I have been able to share with them during the last week and I have understood their desire to be true Daughters of Jesus. Also their concerns, searchings, future horizons, their dreams for the Congregation, with this new face of the charism that we want to offer to the world.

She also thanks all the people who accompanied them, Raquel and Magda, but also Mercedes Vilas, María del Pilar Linde, and Clara Echarte, who have collaborated in such areas as the Letters of Mother Candida, History of the Congregation and Constitutions. As well as Jesuits and religious from other congregations who enriched this process.

They spread joy through their experience of universalism. When they arrive in their communities, may they feel welcomed and may they be the new women that the Spirit is raising up for this time.

Finally, she invites us to have strong gestures of union, so that the Spirit can continue to work in us and through us.