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On a day like today, May 31, 1845, our Saint was born

May 31, 2017

Her birth reminds us of her baptismal vocation (she was baptized the same day), in this initial path through which we all pass.
In her first 26 years Juana Josefa allows herself be molded by the hands of the good FATHER God who loves us so much. It is in the ordinary things of life, in the day to day, where God is centering her; it is in ordinary life, touching reality, where the Divine and the human are united.
It is in space, and in time, in events, where JESUS makes her a “disciple”; it is in her “baptismal” vocation, where her “availability” is forged to let herself fall in love and be led.
To look at Mother Candida TODAY is to perceive that in “our” baptismal vocation we receive the seed of our Christian vocation. Before being a religious, her beginning was a baptismal vocation. Her baptismal vocation led her to make her life decision.
Happy Feast day of Mother Candida.

Miguel Ruano