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Open letter to our sisters Mati and Pilar

April 3, 2020

Dear Sisters,

At this family party, where we remember the inspiration of Rosarillo, upon receiving Graciela’s circular letter, I felt moved to communicate with you in this way, because I know that many people, sisters and laity are united from the heart and together we fly to your side.

Remembering together but scattered, this event so significant for our religious family, thought and affection goes to the places where there are Daughters of Jesus in situations of greater difficulty and of course, to Myanmar and Venezuela, where you find yourself accompanied by the lay people with whom you undoubtedly share the mission.

It is being a very difficult historical stage at a global level, as we know, but without a doubt those who suffer the most are the people in greatest need. And there, with them are you; I do not doubt that as hard as it may be you also experience the conviction that these are our places by vocation-mission. And the Lord surely confirms it for you.

You know that you are not alone; The geographical distance brings closer and makes the union of hearts grow and that helps us and us. We would like to have direct news at some point if you have a chance. Around here also trying to take care of ourselves with fidelity to the indications that are being given to us to help the common good.

Time for everyone to reflect on the reality that surrounds us and to learn new things for a totally new situation. The historical moment of Santa Cándida was not easy either. She accompanies and stimulates us. May it be a suffering April 2 but with hope.

Close together in prayer and in our common vocation, receive a warm embrace from sisters.

María Luisa Berzosa fi