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Provincial Congregation in Brazil-Caribbean

January 4, 2019

With great joy, spirit and generosity, we began the Provincial Congregation, following a day of retreat, imploring the blessings of God, the light of the Divine Spirit, the motherly company of the Immaculate Mother and Saint Candida.

We are 33 congregated sisters, from the Caribbean (Dominican Republic and Cuba) Mozambique and Brazil.



We all know that the great objective of the Provincial Congregation is to prepare the General Congregation by sending out the cries that we heard from the Spirit. Likewise, to elect the sisters who will represent the Province of Brazil-Caribe.

The climate that surrounds us is one of discernment. To us, gathered together, we are asked for a contemplative, grateful and appreciative look, as well as a lot of responsibility.

On this first day, after the celebration of the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, we tried to organize ourselves by constituting the work teams, according to the regulations and the working norms approved by the sisters gathered.

These are the work teams:


1. Business treatment team

2. Secretary and vice-secretary

3. tellers

4. Moderators

5.Comunication team

6. Liturgy team


At the end of the day we met for the examen, placing ourselves in the hands of the Father who leads us.


See some scenes of our days in the link