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Provincial Congregation in Spain-Italy Province

January 2, 2019

Last December 27 in the Province of Spain-Italy we began the Provincial Congregation. As usual, it was preceded by a day of retreat in which we placed ourselves in the hands of God, to ask to be open to the Spirit. The Retreat was led by the Jesuit Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos, who accompanied us during the day.




The 28th  began with great excitement for us; it was the first official day of the Congregation and the day in which the offices of our assembly were elected.

We have continued all these days in the different work groups to meet later in the session hall, where we shared our conclusions and contributions. All of this, as always, has to be voted among all and will be the documents that we send to the General Congregation.


December 31 was a special day. The last day of the year dawned with the typical Castilian fog. Although we finished at the same time as always, the prayer to end the day was shared with the community of the sisters who welcome us in Salamanca. Being the end of the year, we were also able to share the dinner and the Spanish tradition of taking the New Year’s Eve grapes. Then we had an evening party full of dances, costumes and laughter, which helped us to rest from the intense work of so many days. And with all this, the dawn came upon us!


Despite having gone to bed a little later, New Year’s Day did not stop the work. It was an intense day of voting and preparation for the election of the sisters who will represent us in the General Congregation in Rome. We are seeing the end of our meeting, but there are still things to be done.


You can read everything that has happened so far in the Provincial Congregation of Spain-Italy in this link