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Psychosocial support in Cape Delgado

August 25, 2020

Two nuns, the news says, one is our sister Maria Aparecida Ramos, Cida, are coordinating a group of volunteers to offer psychological assistance to those displaced by the terrorist attacks in this region of northern Mozambique.

According to Vatican News based on an interview with Cida (listen to it here), there are a total of 25 activists who are assisting the more than 200 people who have been forced to leave their home after the worsening of this conflict that originated in 2017 In the coming weeks, more volunteers will be trained to be able to bring psychosocial help to other districts.

“The work basically consists of working with them on the issue of grief, losses, the internal reorganization of their emotions in the face of the crisis experienced”, Cida explains in the interview. They do it in small groups, in order to respect health measures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Catholic Church, through Cáritas, is promoting this aid to the displaced who were affected by the violence experienced in the context of the insurgency in Cabo Delgado. “These people don’t just need food. Their wounds and their stories need to be listened to”, stated D. Luiz Fernando Lisboa, Bishop of Pemba.

Worry in Rome

The Vatican is closely following what is happening in this region of northern Mozambique. Last week, the Pope called the Bishop of Pemba to convey his closeness and concern at the weakening of the humanitarian situation (read more).

In addition, this Sunday during the Angelus, Francis asked that “we pray for these brothers and sisters of ours, and we also support with prayer and solidarity those – and there are many – who are still persecuted today because of their religious faith. Many”. (read news here)

The Daughters of Jesus are very aware of our sisters. Four HH. Carmelitas Teresas de San José have been living with us in Metoro since Macomía, the village where they lived, was attacked. We are also in contact with D. Luiz. We give each other as much support as possible in such a difficult situation.

We join the Pope and the entire Church in praying for those who suffer acts of violence based on religion and their beliefs, both in this region of Mozambique and in the rest of the world.


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