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Renewal Course: After the experience of the Spiritual Exercises

September 24, 2018

In the fullness of the fifth week . . . trying to put into life the contemplation to attain love . . . we give thanks to God for all the interventions He has laid in our journey:  Juan Miguel Zaldua, SJ (Potxi) who encouraged us to “recarismaticar” the vocation . . . and Clara Echarte, who has been accompanying us.

And we shared what God has been working in us . . .

Maria – I thank God for each daughter of Mother Candida.  Their presence fills me with joy for we are of one ideal and one faith.

Assumpta – That the Holy Spirit fill us His living water.

Ángeles – Jesus is my guide and helps me to love Him more deeply and others as well with the same sentiments of Christ.


– Be humble and always seek God’s forgiving love.

– A journey of pain… a taste of joy to be like you…

– … and act of goodness touches a thousand lives…

– Fully immersed in the person of Jesus…

– Tender loving care of the father…

Cecilia – I am a daughter called and loved by Jesus.

– When the heart is filled with the love of God the words are not enough.



–  The more I relate to others the more I encounter God profoundly.

– Blessed is she who believe for what the Lord has promised will be realized.

Teresa – Courage, “I am”; learn to walk with the Risen One day by day.

Ana – Norengana joango gara, Jauna? Betiko bizia dute zure hitzak. // Where shall we go, Lord? You      alone have the everlasting life.

Elvenia – Let us continue to “carismatizar” our charism in our entire life.


– Thank you, Father, for your step giving life, hope, making fruitful the history and widen my heart to live always ready to go towards you.

– Be conscious that Jesus loves us and for this we can be open to God’s call.

Rosa Espinosa – When silence speaks, life transforms.  God makes silence to make our lives speak of His presence manifested in intimacy, fraternity, heart’s desires, solidarity, welcome (reception) and the universal heart.

Lory – Gracias a Dios.



– He IS and IS always . . . in all circumstances.


– I have The Light that doesn’t pay MY CALL:  I have The Light that doesn’t put off my call.


– We can live His love faithfully to help us love like Him.

  • God makes sure that I feel loved at all times, in all possible ways.

Meng – God is a loving God.  He IS and ALWAYS WILL BE.

-The encompassing Love of God refreshes one’ soul!


Adriana – Love the Lord more and follow Him to the end.


Norma  – Gratitude for His love and fidelity.  Women distinguished by love. Definite stances from faithful love. Cared for life. Toward the future.

Yvelisse – The kindness and love of God sustain my life and my “sending” to be Good News.


The Group of the Renewal Course


Year 2018



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