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SCHOOL OF AFFECTION. End of the Last Probation 2017-2018

March 26, 2018


It was Saturday, March 24. Rome gave us a bright dawn of clear sky and bright sun. Already in the house there was a boisterous buzz that announced pujtting away, cleaning, suitcases about to be closed and a laughter and joy not without feeling.

I had breakfast with the group and then I started to conduct brief interviews with sisters who so desired, to hear echoes of their experience and be able to post them on the web to be shared.

The day was very festive and familial. The sisters of Regina Pacis came; we celebrated the Eucharist with a Jesuit from Brazil, Claudio Paul, with songs and petitions in different languages. The group consists of sisters from 7 countries in the East and West. The atmosphere was one of gratitude to God and to the Congregation, at this time filled with possibilities from “the school of affection”, in preparation for a definitive incorporation in our religious family.

In the afternoon we again met for a time of prayer – “Encuentro de gratitud” [Coming together in thanksgiving]- where we recalled this time of diverse encounters in different places, from going through the route of our Foundress and being able to meet many Daughters of Jesus, until all the experiences lived in Rome. It was very beautiful and emotional.

Graciela wanted to start this round of questions that focused on two:

• What message do you take home from this time?
• What would you say to the younger sisters?

Graciela is from Argentina; Now when she returns to her country she is being sent to Cordova, house that is part of an extended community with Monterrico (Jujuy).

• A great novelty, witnessing a vocation that is confirmed as a privilege; sharing closely with sisters from different places and especially those whom I least knew. It has helped me to be taught by them. I have been able to feel the freshness of the charism, their apostolic zeal, their quests, the difficulties that they experience, challenges and in the midst of it all their joy in being Daughters of Jesus.
• This way of life is worthwhile in the church and in the world, in the face of so many and diverse offers. It is important to be silent in order to listen to God, who gives meaning and depth to our life. The Lord continues to call young people and this is hope for future vocations. I’m very content, happy with the experience.

It is now Petra, from Taiwan, who tells us:

• Trust and hope in God and in the sisters; in the congregation, in the church and in myself
• Our charism is precious and is a gift from God; likewise our Constitutions are precious and are the light and guidance for our life; to read deeply the story of our Foundress is to read salvation.

Arisleyda from the Dominican Republic shares with us:

• I am taking home happiness, joy and gratitude in feeling loved by God, confident, an experience of feeling that my life is for others, that I am called to accompany, to comfort, being hope for others.
• That only Jesus’ proposal can fill their life with fulfillment and happiness; may they dare to create silence around them and discover that God calls and confirms them in reality. That they let themselves be embraced by love that binds, that following Jesus is an exciting path and full of challenges that gives us an overflowing joy.

Courage! Go ahead, take a risk! 

Dina, from the Philippines, also wants to tell us:

• Grateful for the possibility and many graces that the Lord has given me, to feel the love of God in the Congregational Body, with the deepest personal experience in the encounter with Him. To feel the mission as central to our life, to look at things from God.
• It is worthwhile opting for this life that is beautiful and enriching and leads one to Jesus; it is an experience that we want to bring to more young people; the joy of being able to give to others what we have received.
We go to Cuba and listen to Anabelis:

• Walking internally and externally together with Jesus. Heart grateful to God for all the good received and to the Congregation for this opportunity, for all the means it has given us, for the prayers; thanks to the sisters; I also want very much to return to life in Cuba, being God’s response in that reality to where I have been sent again and with openness and willingness to give myself. Thank you, Lord, for so much good received.
• I give thanks for their yes, for their dedication and availability, for their youth surrendered with passion and their desire that Jesus continue to be the center of their lives. We are united, courage! And let us pray for each other.

We return to the Philippines and at this moment we speak with Edhen:

• Time of grace, being open to God, his eternal love through diverse experiences. Focused on the person of Jesus that inspires us from within to have a new perspective. After this experience, God invites me to be a new Daughter of Jesus, a profound experience of being and sharing that love of God for so much formation and especially for the month of Exercises.
• That they take care of their relationship with God because it is very important to have and take advantage of the formation that the congregation gives us because these are important for growing in belonging to it.


We give thanks for everything that has been lived in this time that will undoubtedly be much more than what can be summarized in a few lines. Graciela, as Instructor and Inès Ma, who collaborated in the translation, have been two key people in this process and the sisters have recognized it with much gratitude. They too have been blessed with the privilege of accompanying this journey.


María Luisa Berzosa fi