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September 28 diary

September 29, 2021

Today, we had an endearing meeting, of sisters, of neighbors, of the ecclesial community, with the “Teresianas”, the Society of St. Teresa.

Their curia and ours are very close. Sometimes we meet when we return from the Parish or when we go to the 889 bus stop.

Asunción Codes is the Superior General and arranged with Graciela a meeting of the two general governments in our house.

First, we visited the garden together. Already in the dining room, we have introduced ourselves and, with an “Italian” coffee in front, we have shared experiences of each other in the mission we have; projects that excite us, different traditions and others that we share. We have discovered their Ignatian side, which they have. And in the end, we shared the Eucharist.

Life is also made up of encounters, of encounters that you would not want to end.

Community of the Curia