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Spain-Italy: Meeting of Superiors 18-19 December 2021

December 22, 2021

There are notes in the agenda that are eagerly awaited, this was one of them. Since October we were already holding the possibility of meeting again and being able to share face to face illusions, quests, worries, insights, surprises and sufferings. A little bit of each of these things has been mixed and combined this weekend.

Upon arrival, maintaining the security measures, we greet each other with joy, a contained joy, for everything we lived in Salamanca at the closing of the Jubilee year.

We began our meeting with a moment of prayer, we invited ourselves to contemplate the reality of the world, to recognize the GOD WITH US who accompanies and sustains us, the LORD (IHS) that we are showing through concrete faces of sisters.

Rosa Espinosa helped us to take a tour of what we have experienced at the provincial level in the last two years. We spent some time reflecting personally and in small groups on a possible classification of the concerns shared in a previous meeting. From there arose a spiritual conversation of great richness throughout the meeting.

We had a dialogue with Graciela, without losing sight of what was shared, looking at the horizon with hope.

We are called “to take care” of our own vocation, life in common, the Body – Congregation.

With her words and questioning, she invited us to reconciliation, to the healing of relationships, to enable us to help, to experience ourselves urged to hospitality, to a change of attitudes that affect our daily life so that it is more similar to the dream of God when He created us. She invited us to open ourselves to the Spirit, to attentive listening to ourselves and to others, who will prepare us for the attentive search for God’s will in an apostolic discernment.

On the first day, we closed with the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by Carlos Aguilar. The second began with the Eucharist broadcast on Radio 5, still in the context of the celebration of the 150th anniversary.


We ended the meeting with several themes, among which it is worth highlighting: the acceptance of the approach of carrying out a process of search for God’s will from a contemplative perspective of today’s reality and the youth ministry of the Province.

Inmaculada Viciana, FI – Elche (España)