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Spiritual Exercises with Educators in Bucaramanga

January 29, 2019

On January 14 to 18, the group of educators of the Reina de la Paz School, after prior preparation and motivation in the previous days, lived their annual experience of five days of exercises that the School offers them with so much desire for them to grow as followers of Jesus in their lay vocation and in the evangelizing project of the School.

In this commemorative year, we were blessed to have a really unexpected accompaniment team: three Jesuits. They were Fr. José Fernando Posada and two Jesuit scholastics, Daniel Mora from Colombia who belongs to the Jesuit U.S. Central and Southern Province and Juan Pablo Gil, of Mexican nationality. Along with a graduate of the school, CLC guide Fanny Nieto, and me.

We had them in the “Casa de Encuentros” of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation – La Turena.

We are very grateful for all the support of our Sr. Ana Apolonia Mendoza, for the experience, helping us to reserve and prepare the house and all the materials for the experience.