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We bring out the best in everyone, in the refugee camps of Burma. An environment where family is fundamental, that’s why we feel at home.

Thai ethnicities can be divided into dozens of different subgroups, but their traditions, languages and cultures differ only slightly. This results in a population with a strong sense of shared traditions and cultural identity.

Family is central to Thai life. So is respect for elders and people in higher social positions. Social status hierarchies characterize almost all interactions.

A very important concept is the
a powerful idea that embodies the playfulness and sense of humor essential to the Thai lifestyle.

Our life and our relationships here are influenced by our charisma. We respect the authorities, observe Thai laws and celebrate Thai holidays. We recognize the dignity of each person and show our respect for each one. We are a light of hope.

Mae Hong Son

We work with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in the refugee camps in Burma.

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