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The Hymn of M. Candida

May 31, 2022

Around the time of Mother Candida’s canonization, our sister Pilar Linde wrote a document entitled “FOR GOD… FOR A LAND WITHOUT BORDERS…” which was subtitled “History and message of the Hymn to M. Cándida María de Jesús”.

In Pilar’s document, we find a journey through the HISTORY of the hymns to Mother Candida and in particular the history of the current hymn. It is a journey that not only provides us with quantitative data but also prepares us to enter into the second part of the document, which focuses on the MESSAGE.

The Commission for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation offers us, young and old, a material to deepen in the history and message of what is today for us “the hymn” of the Mother Foundress.

A hymn is, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, a poetic or musical composition in honour of heroes, in praise of God or saints; its aim is to exalt a person, to celebrate memorable events or to express joy or enthusiasm for the person or for events; this musical composition becomes emblematic for a collectivity, which identifies it and unites those who interpret it.

Our thanks go to

To the Orfeón Donostiarra, directed by José Antonio Sainz Alfaro. The quality of their music and singing makes us experience with strength what unites and brings us together as a family.

To the authors of the original hymn: lyrics by Juan José Pérez Ormazábal, a priest of the diocese of Vitoria and professor of literature at the seminary; and music composed by Juan Tellería, composer and pianist from Guipuzcoa.

And to Mª Pilar Linde Cirujano (Daughter of Jesus) for her article, written on 31 May 2016, which takes us into the “metahistory” of the hymn, awakening in those of us who know its feelings, affections, and resonances and awakening, in those who did not know it, interest and depth, and in all, a sense of belonging to the great Family of Mother Candida.