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February 22, 2017

From February 14 until today, the international team for the Social Apostolate, coordinated by Consultor Enaceyla Cárdenas, met in Rome in order to provide the General Government with a proposal to help us grow as an apostolic body committed to living the calls of the last GC XVII.

Three religious and two laymen belong to this team:
Carolina Góngora – Almería – Spain.
Edna Zangale Azevedo fi – Brazil.
Georgita Hormillosa Petinglay fi – Philippines.
Rolf Pichel – Orcasur, in Madrid – Spain.
Silvia Casado Mancha fi – Mozambique.

From there we share:
“We have made a journey of ‘memory’on the history of the Congregation, with its documents and guidelines, which from the beginning gives us the perspective of the social dimension in our life-mission. Today, the urgent calls come from an increasingly alarming global reality, and from the Church attentive and committed to a joint action for the good of all humanity. May all of us and with the laity in the different realities of our presences, encourage one another, motivated “in the style of Jesus”, to continue in this process toward a better “personal / group social conscience” and to commit ourselves deeply to the ” social apostolate”as called for by Determination GC XVII –”Seeking more the good of our neighbors.”