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The Virtual Regional Encounters in the Indico-Pacific Province

April 20, 2021

I consider the Virtual Regional Encounters, (February 25-26 for the Regions of Panay-Guimaras & Cebu Mindanao; March 5-6, for Metro-Manila, Bangladesh and Japan Regions; March 10-12, Tahanan Candida Maria de Jesus, and March 22, Japan Bangladesh Regions for those who were not able to attend the previous encounter), special Jubilee grace that God bestowed upon us within the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation. It is a gift that we have to treasure and be truly grateful to the Divine Giver because of its paramount importance in making our life in mission as Hijas de Jesus more dynamic, relevant, and fruitful at this time of the pandemic.

I also see this event as a concrete response of the Province to the desire of the recent General Congregation to form the new face of the Hijas de Jesus that the world needs today and to expand our horizon in order to transmit our lived experience in our collaboration in the Mission of Jesus.

The talk of Fr. Silvino Borres, S.J. was a real channel to allow the most basic element of true Evangelical Poverty to resonate deeply in our very being which is none other than our loving relationship with Christ, our Divine Teacher. His presentation of the other fundamental aspects enshrined in true Evangelical Poverty is a confirmation of what our present Determination emphasized, thus it enabled us to appreciate with delight the beauty and preciousness of this gift. So, we are fully convinced that our love for Jesus must always be our ultimate motivation in living out our Evangelical Poverty radically.

The sharing of the sisters engaged in other apostolic ministries had opened our awareness to the vastness of the apostolic grounds where we can allow our charism to germinate and produce abundant fruits. It also widened our perspective when it comes to the diverse ways of expanding and expressing our apostolic activities. The challenges posed to us in the different fields of our apostolate had strengthened our commitment and heightened our missionary spirit. It had also confirmed our conviction that in the fulfillment of our personal ministry we bring with us our community. Every apostolic activity we discharge is always communitarian.

The following sisters were the sharers and the kind of ministry they are engaged in:

Sr. Felie Acelo, the accompaniment of the poor communities in Ulaliman, Misamis Oriental. Video

Sr. Marilou Guillano, Accompaniment of villages in Bangladesh. Video

Sr. María Juelar, work with the refugees in Maynmar; (Video) she also shared on the housing project in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. 

Sr. Flor Florece, work with the migrants in Japan.

Sr. Rosina Magladi, work with the Japan Detention Center.

Sr. Amelia Alejan, work with Pototan Prison Ministry

Sr. Donisia Quela, Accompaniment of IP Communities- a previous experience video

Sr. Aida Jallorina, Formation and Retreat Ministry video

Sor Catalina Cheong, Formation of Clergy and religious video

Sr. Fe Linterna, Formation of Priests/ Clergy through Tagbadbad Ministry video

Sr. Lillian Lim, Formation of the Clergy and Religious video

Cristopher Lagong, lay in the Family of St. Candida, in the Kalakbay Ministry video

and Dra. Linda Que, Accompaniment of the Friends of St. Candida. video

And from the school apostolate…

Sr. Teresa Yasa video

and Sr. Lorena Sevillo video

From the sharing, I also perceived with clarity that our availability demands from us the courage to go out of ourselves to be able to extend our helping hands to the neediest. This unselfish posture is joy-giving and fulfilling because we truly make alive and effective the passion of Mother Foundress for the poor.

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations and deep gratitude to our dear Provincial Superior, Sr. Emelinda Falsis, for her closing remarks. Her message was not only affirming, encouraging, animating, and inspiring but above all hope-giving. In her message, the mind and heart of Mother Foundress resonated clearly and amazingly. Mother Foundress in her letters to the sisters oftentimes would tell them: “Do everything for the love of God and glorify Him in your work. Keep always close to our beloved Jesus and do everything out of love for Him. It is my joy to see you performing your task with enthusiasm, audacity, and total commitment.” I could say that Mother Foundress is sincerely addressing to us her sentiment: “The heart of this Mother of yours is overwhelmed with consolation for what you had done.”

Sr. Florencia Constantino, FI