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Towards the 18th General Congregation

March 19, 2018

Letter from Maria Inez Furtado, FI, Superior General, to the Congregation and the Family of Mother Candida

On April 2, 1869, our congregation was born. It was the day when Cándida María received the foundational call of the Daughters of Jesus before the altar of El Rosarillo in Valladolid. Next year, 2019, will be the 150th celebration of this important date.

This year, which will be dedicated to internal as well as external preparations, coincides with the convocation of the Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado, FI, of the 18th General Congregation.

In the circular letter sent by the General to the communities of religious, but also to the laity, she invited us to live this time of preparation with “piety and devotion”: “Piety is the gift that gives us new eyes (… ) the gift that disposes us to trust God the Father”. And further on she continues: “piety gives birth to authentic devotion: the conviction that ‘we owe ourselves to others'”.

Then Maria Inez helps us to situate ourselves in this year of remembrance: what do we remember? what do we want to fix our gaze on this year? On the inspiration of the Rosarillo, about which many of the sisters have had the opportunity to write.

She also gives us the explanation of the logo that will accompany us at this time. A patristic and deeply rooted explanation: “Once again we have the opportunity to guarantee the growth of our spiritual heritage and to ‘take another step for the good of others’, for this we will enter into the GC.”

We are already preparing ourselves so that, after Easter, we may begin our pilgrimage toward the 18th General Congregation, which will bring new impulses and new horizons.

Read the complete letter of Maria Inez in this link.