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Tribute to Oliva Hernando in the Dominican Republic

June 29, 2016

Our sister Oliva Hernando Garcia fi, currently living in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) has just received a tribute of gratitude for her ‘being an educator’. Oliva works at the Center for Academic Development which is at the service of all faculties. In this special tribute they address her as formator of  formators.
We thank God for the vocation He has given her to educate tirelessly without measure as a Daughter of Jesus and we thank her for her dedication to every kind of person in the educational task. THANK YOU, sister!

A Portrait of Oliva Hernando fi
The just shall flourish like the palm tree,
shall grow like a cedar of Lebanon.
Planted in the house of the LORD,
they shall flourish in the courts of our God.
They shall bear fruit even in old age,
they will stay fresh and green,
To proclaim: The LORD is just;
my rock, in whom there is no wrong. (Ps. 92: 12-15)

This psalm portrays the life story of a woman given to God through education. She is Oliva Hernando. A formator of formators whom we recognize today in celebration of Teacher’s Day.
Born in the Castilian plateau, right in the center of Spain, in Valladolid, austere and dry city, a Levitical and intolerant city during the dictatorship, difficult, sullen, sulky, which gave birth to this child who is exactly the opposite of that stereotype . She is sweet, friendly, tolerant, kindly and affectionate. And this is because it seems that Oliva, in crossing the Atlantic, became Caribbean.
At the beginning of the century, from the classrooms of secondary school she goes to the university and quickly becomes known there for her love of teaching, her commitment to the students’ learning and comprehensive training, her affable and caring dealing with the teachers. She distinguished herself as the star facilitator in the Diploma in University Teaching and made it her own. At that time the University embraced the banner of “corporatividad” and there she was on the Metro bus, traveling between Santiago and Santo Domingo. In her comings and goings she managed to win the friendship and affection of several generations of teachers at both campuses; some speak of knowing her from the schools she managed. In reality her work as teacher trainor has coursed through all levels, from beginner to postgraduate.
Mother Oliva, as many call her, is an example of dedication and commitment to education; the passion and consistency with which she teaches is a true model for us all. Her vocation becomes experience and her commitment, selfless and enthusiastic dedication. Simply see how she expounds explaining the philosophy and educational model of the university. Processes and relationships with teachers participating in her courses are remind one of Freire when he says: ” To teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge.”
Our honoree has a will of steel and a toughness tried by every obstacle. Neither fatigue, nor the years, nor adversity overcome her. She takes on her daily tasks commending her work to God, and with him she begins her journey, infecting with her passion everyone who interacts with her. She is like a bee that never tires; that encourages everyone with her great temperance. She is more than a mother, a teacher of the good; friend to all, without exception.