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Two Daughters of Jesus… in Melilla

July 7, 2017

Melilla. City where the suffering Christ becomes more and more visible in a fence. Thousands of migrants try to reach Europe by jumping a barrier after a long journey to reach their dream. But it remains a dream, really, an illusion. From the Confer, an inter-congregational work camp is organized once again at the “Centro Hogar Divina Infantita” and at the CETI (Temporary Stay Center) in Melilla. We, the Daughters of Jesus, participate in it, accompanying these border situations: people, stories, suffering, frustrated dreams, desires for more, signs of life in the midst of everything … realities that we should give space to, let enter, welcome what they provoke, recognize possibilities, … There you find Inmaculada Eceizabarrena fi and Maite Ortega fi with 12 other religious. Let us pray for them. A shocking experience. May their experience affect us all in the whole apostolic body, pilgrim in the world.