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Uruguayan Celina Garcia enters the postulancy in Villa Ocampo

February 22, 2016

On Friday, February 19, Celina Garcia of Uruguay came to Argentina, with a big smile, typical of her, full of desires and readiness. As sisters we received her at Villa Ocampo as we were getting ready for the celebration of the entrance to the postulancy that would be held late in the afternoon. In a fraternal climate and with many thoughtful gestures, the celebration brought together her family, seedbed of her vocation, and the Congregational body, and thus we welcomed Celina to our Congregation as a postulant.

It was 7 in the evening when I entered the postulancy…

In the city of Villa Ocampo on Friday, February 19 , the community came together to celebrate the beginning of my experience of postulancy. It was a simple ceremony starting with the Gospel reading, doing a joint reflection, enriched with mutual thanks and touching moments.

Today I wear on my chest the medal of Mary Immaculate as a visible sign of this stage which has begun. Together we shared tears of consolation and joy, that joy which characterizes the Daughters of Jesus.

A question arose in me. What was the journey that brought me here? Returning to the text from John (4: 35-39) referred to in the celebration, it came to me:

– For the disciples it was enough to trust everything that they knew from John about Jesus. It was enough for them to know that Christ was the Lamb of God, and they followed him.

– Today I feel that I do not know everything, but I do trust in those who have preceded me, beginning today with these very sisters with whom I have shared this moment, and other predecessors, more distant, who were truly mediators of God.

– I trust in the words of Jesus and of the apostles, I trust in the education I have received, in the encouraging words of good friends in the Lord.

– I trust in the experiences of meeting Jesus wherein I felt deeply happy, experiences during which what was being lived filled me entirely.

– With all my heart I hope to continue in the path of YES and of trust, strengthening me in the encounters and with an open heart and hand outstretched to those in need.

I want my experience to be like that of John, who brings others to Jesus, in a class, meeting, encounters with families, within the same Congregation, with children and youth, in each and everyone: that my way may be that of Jesus.

I say YES to God in my life, I trust like Candida – “He who has given you the desire will give you the power and the grace…” Now what remains is to follow Him, and may everything be for the greater glory of God.

I am thankful to the body of the Congregation, to St. Candida because thanks to her first yes, here we are, all of us.

My heartfelt greetings to all, and gratitude from afar, and the closeness of hearts. All those who sent me a gift, those who pray, those who sent their greetings, all united in Jesus and Mary.

Celina García Casañas