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Virtual May 31 in the Andean province

June 8, 2020

Dear Sisters:

Thank you all for accepting the invitation to unite around the birth of M. Cándida. I think it was worth it, the effort, the preparation, the detail of each presence for contributing their grain of sand. Enjoy a lot with creativity, with simple and fraternal sharing, with the availability to be and share Life. Thanks sisters.

This is how Marlene Serrano, the province of the Daughters of Jesus in the Andean province, addressed the sisters of the Province. She herself had invited them to virtually share the LIFE SIGNS that they could discover in their environment.

With this “commission” they prepared their meeting and celebrated a “different” 31st major. As it was not possible to meet due to confinement, they adapted to the circumstances and took advantage of the available means. The virtual meeting was endearing and zest for life. We let them tell us.


Hna. Basilia Colque FI

It was a novelty to enter new technologies to be able to communicate. Smile, greet and express from the heart, in the distance, our closeness as sisters. It was a joy for all. Especially to be able to celebrate together the birth of Mother Candida. We congratulate ourselves on the talents that we have and that we express at the meeting from all presences.                             


Hna. Felicia García  FI

The experience we lived on the 31st with the meeting of all the sisters of the Province was very good. I hope it can be repeated, that’s how we know each other, although virtually. I was excited to see Graciela, how cute! Thank you very much to all who had this idea and carried it forward.


Hna. Teresa Rámirez FI 

It was an impact for me to feel and see the Province together in an environment that we would not have dreamed of before… and that tells us that it is possible to receive life, encouragement, enthusiasm… Get together physically, impossible… but Through this means creativity, the closeness between all, the affection…

I was struck by the presence of Matilde Polanco, accompanied by all those people who make possible the presence and work in María Alejandra.

That we grow in this online learning to facilitate the meeting and the Union.

A deep thanks to Graciela, our Superior General, who made the loving effort to accompany much of the meeting despite the time difference.


Hna. Fuencisla Sanz FI 

It was a joy to see how the sisters appeared from one place to another when they opened, with that emotion of knowing that thousands of kilometers away we could see and hear each other.

See the new life in the young women of the Congregation, with that joy and enthusiasm, singing with all the enthusiasm… and also see the not so young, so smiling… See Matilde Polanco and her testimony of joy in the situation that lives… And the “cherry”…  was to see Graciela appear. What a surprise! What a joy! Thank you for this initiative, dear Marlene.


Hijas de Jesús de Córdoba

For us it was an experience of union and brotherhood. A joy to meet as a family of sisters. It was beautiful to share the signs of life and how we can be relief to humanity from our frailties. Graciela’s presence was a nice touch and she dedicated her time to meet us. It was also nice to see Matilde accompanied by so many lay people.


Hna. Matilde Polanco FI 

Yesterday was a Celebration of Life. An anniversary full of presences and deep joy. I felt like a daughter, a sister, available, open to the Father’s love for this hour of the world.

Once again Mother Candida reached us the grace and the miracle of uniting us on a single screen without having known the digital age.

Finding myself with so many signs of life tinged with wrinkles, frailties, services, loneliness, sufferings, joys… was our best offering. “BLESSED BE GOD WHO LOVES US SO MUCH.”


Hijas de Jesús de Monterrico 

Technologies in this time of isolation have been imposed as a means of communication in the educational system, labor etc, with not a few difficulties. Taking advantage of the situation, Marlene, our Provincial Superior invited us to share the signs of life that we could discover in our environment. Some of us found it difficult to decide how to express, but there we were with our simplest or most elaborate “product”, to express experiences and feelings.

Thus we had the first virtual meeting of the Province on the 31st, when attentive to the communications of the Communities, we were presenting the signs of life that we could discover in our environment, today. It was very rich saying “meeting” with all the Sisters, recognizing many and locating others that perhaps we only knew by reference. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of joy that was generated during the meeting and that made us formulate that Marlene’s proposal had been a great idea.

Thanks to all the Sisters for their grain of sand to generate the “party” that we were able to enjoy yesterday. Also, thank the novenas and other productions that came to us the previous days and that brought us closer to Santa Cándida and the Universal Congregation.


Hna. Rommy Villarroel FI                                                                                                                      

Wake up and feel the great joy that the day had come. Celebrating the birth and life of a great woman who gave life to a great project of God moved me and thanked our Father for belonging to a great family. And as Daughters and sisters we find ourselves, with much excitement at seeing all of us in the Province, a great gift from Mother Candida to allow us to meet using the media. In a way I appreciate this time of pandemic, because it has given us the opportunity to celebrate life, I believe that if it had not existed, each place would celebrate it in its places and we would receive resonance, but we would not have found ourselves as we did.

It was a moment of immense joy to see us, greet us, share life from what we are and do, we lacked time for much, but that makes us want to have another meeting and see each other more often. I appreciate the initiative of the sisters, the simple and close sharing, but above all I am left with the pleasure that the love of God made us sisters and wants us where we are each being Daughters of Jesus.


Hna. Mª Carmen Caballero FI 

I really enjoyed this online meeting, celebrating as the Andean Province at the Birth of Santa Cándida and thanking God for it and for all that he gave us with it. I feel that it opens a way for us to meet and communicate among all the sisters of the Province. Achieve that we are not only names that appear in the catalog but faces that we are recognizing and sisters with whom we can communicate, “virtual” but “personally”. I believe that this meeting has opened the door to a challenge that we cannot leave aside.

We are all glad to have “seen” and “heard” even if it was only a little. Knowing more closely and at the same time together what we are trying to live in the different places of mission makes us happy, questions and strengthens us.

Thank you, Marlene, for making this experience possible. Thank you, Graciela, for being with us.