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“We connect” so as to impel the Communication of the Daughters of Jesus

March 29, 2022

The first International Meeting of Communicators of the Daughters of Jesus was successfully held. The difference in languages and time slots were not an impediment to connecting with María Teresa Pinto. FI (General Counsellor), María Luisa Berzosa, FI and María José Fernández, FI (International Communication Team), Mari Carmen Caballero, FI (Andean America), Teresita Tsai, FI (East Asia) Yvelisse Tavarez, FI and Simone de Paula (Brazil – Caribbean), , Crystal Bermejo, FI, Cristina Zimmermann (Spain – Italy), Nori  Márquez, FI and Lee Uera, FI (Indian – Pacific), Pablo Zimmermann and Beatriz Concejo (FASFI), Pablo Labandeira (Jesuitinas Educational Foundation) and Silvia Rozas, FI (Director of ECCLESIA).

María Teresa Pinto, General Councilor for the area of communication “in the” and “of the” Congregation was in charge of welcoming all the participants and making the framework for our meeting.

… it is the first time that there is an international meeting with the theme of communication and whose recipients are Sisters or laypeople who walk the communication, either by their office or by assignment, dedicating a few hours when it is possible or the entire working day.

This is telling us that this topic covers a certain novelty or at least a novelty for the Congregation and its institutional environment (FASFI and F. Jesuitinas). In fact, Communication has been present in the Congregation from the beginning. The 476 edited letters of M Candida prove this.

From the beginning, we have two questions on the table: What does God want from the Congregation in the field of communication? How can we help ourselves discover and carry it out?

The meeting continued to put a face to the names. Each of the participants introduced themselves and shared what they expected from the meeting. Under the formula “I would be satisfied if…” objectives such as networking or creating a family were repeated.

After a moment of reflection, it was time to present the communication project that each province, country, and foundation has. Spanish, English, and Portuguese drew the communicative process and how it works out in each place.

In this way, the two objectives of this meeting were met: to meet the people who work in communication for the Congregation and to start a process of networking.

Maria Teresa closed the event by sharing some words -updated- that Mother Candida gathered in her letter number 457.

“I keep all of them in mind… Tell me all you want because the hearts of mothers and daughters understand each other very well, and the longer the distance that separates us, the greater the union of hearts. We are all immersed in the heart of Jesus, under the protection of our Most Pure Mother, there we all meet and, forming one soul and heart, we will work with more fruit and our interest in the kingdom will grow every day, unfolding it where there are so many obstacles. May all know and love God and his glory spread through us. Goodbye, minha filhinha do coraçao (she says it in Portuguese making herself to the Sister assigned in Brazil: let’s listen to it in our language) – my little daughter of heart – my little daughter of heart; memories of all for all, and she knows her very holy mother loves her, who blesses her, a humble servant in Christ. Candida Mª de Jesús” With this message of union and affection we say to ourselves: “goodbye”, “goodbye!”, “adeus”. 

We are on the way.

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