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We Continue the 150th Anniversary Educators’ Meeting.

April 4, 2022


Seven educators from Mother Candida’s schools are preparing for their first meeting. The Provincial Superiors have seen who could help from each part of the Congregation and the Jesuit Educational Foundation from Spain has also been involved.

The aim will be to look for ways to support the coming together of the educators of Mother Candida’s School, at a universal level, to reflect on the educational challenges of our world. The sixth Call that we received from the General Congregation tells us that this will give us more evangelizing strength. 

In the first contact, which will take place on April 9th, Daughters of Jesus and laypeople will follow up on the 150th-anniversary meeting of educators to discover where they are in relation to the Call and to draw up a timetable for action. 

In this way, they will have the opportunity to share their vocation and experience, placing their path in Mary’s hands so that the Educator of the Master may guide their steps. 

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