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Weekend in Vilacaya

November 10, 2020

On Friday, October 23, the Sisters of the Consolata who live in Vilacaya visited us. We thought it would be good to go with them and spend the weekend there. We had in mind to share this time with the sisters and to help with something in the shelter for children and young people there.

The experience that Feli and I had in the Vilacaya community, specifically in the foster home, with the young people, children and educators, has been very enriching, for them and also for us.

The children and young people have enjoyed working in a small garden that we all design. The foster home has enough space and the children were happy and encouraged by this project. Most come from the countryside, we could see how they relived what they had always done, experiences that they had lived.


They were well organized into groups, they welcomed everything that was said to them and did it with love and with great detail. This was noticed in most of the children. For example, some went to cut the reeds, others to bring the fertilizer, others to do the paving, others to remove the earth and prepare for planting. Everyone was involved in everything and felt that what they did was theirs and for them. They were left with the task of continuing to care for and love the land, the common home, and make their surroundings more beautiful together.

The cane that we have cut was to braid and make a fence for the garden; the paving for the dump truck to enter; and compost to mix with the earth and sow. We have also played and laughed with them and the educators. They asked us some questions, they asked Feli how old she was, she answered 84, the child’s response was most spontaneous, and… you still live! It may be that in his environment people do not reach that age and less with the vitality of Feli.

Along with all this, there was the most important thing: listening, talking, bonding, sharing … making them feel important, capable, together with people who gave them love and security.

It was a beautiful experience for which we thank God and the Consolata sisters who made this intercongregational experience possible.

Hna. Basilia Colque FI
Potosí – Bolivia