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The Daughters of Jesus are aware of the new challenges posed by the digital era in which we live. We know that we have to adapt to this new global culture and, therefore, without losing sight of our 151 years of history, we are embarking on a new communication phase. We have looked inward to update the way we see ourselves and we like what has come out; it expresses us and we want to share it.

The first sign of this path will be the new corporate image of the Congregation. The logo is made with simple strokes and cheerful but serene colors. It maintains the previous green color and recovers the cross bordering the IHS. Jesus is at the center of our lives and of the world. The curved and open lines reflect our welcoming and universal nature.

All of this will be reflected in this new website. A digital space created to share experiences and encourage commitment. A place where the whole Mother Candida Family can meet and where we can welcome many others who wish to come. As of today, the Daughters of Jesus have one more help to bring out the best in each person.

We invite you to share this space.