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What’s new in the Curia!

March 6, 2021

With the month of March, some news has arrived in the community.

First, Ma Carmen Jiménez arrived from Spain and it is a joy that she is here.

Then, two tertiary nuns of St. Francis have arrived. Their general house is next to ours.

Susanne and Scholastica are from Cameroon, both speak English and French. In addition, each speaks the language of its own region. The two have been destined for Bolivia and this is why we are going to share two months with them. They need to learn Spanish, they have online classes, but practicing it constantly will be a great support for them.

Their Superior General turned to Graciela to ask if we could offer them this help.

Again, we share with other people our day-to-day at home.


Curia Community. Rome.