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World Catholic Education Day

May 17, 2023

Different international Catholic education organizations agreed to mark World Catholic Education Day forty days after Easter. The aim is to promote the Global Education Pact, an initiative of Pope Francis.

This year’s date is May 18. Hervé Lecomté Secretary General of the OIEC (International Catholic Education Office), writes in an open letter published in the magazine Religion and School:

“We must summon and count on everyone to redefine the education of today and tomorrow, so that it responds to the needs and challenges of the new generations, of people and society, so that it truly transforms lives and contexts, generating a more humane, fraternal, supportive and sustainable world”.

The Pact shows the educational challenges posed by today’s world. It expresses to the whole society, to all social institutions, not only to the educational ones, the need we have to build a “global village” that educates. In this sense, he encourages the creation of networks that influence “educationally” in their contexts, in an expansive dynamic that goes “from the local to the global”.

As Daughters of Jesus, we wish to join this dynamism, aware of the harmony that it has with the Call to “promote the union and articulation, at the universal level, of educators…”. Those of us, who follow Mother Candida’s way of education are Catholic schools, universal by definition and by vocation, and schools open to the world as the arms of Jesus, which are open to everyone.

The OIEC is offering a webinar at 2:00 pm (Madrid time).
Zoom link to participate in the webinar