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2017 FASFI International Volunteer Program

October 10, 2016

We have already opened the application period for those who are interested in participating in the 2017 FASFI International Volunteer Program!
The FASFI International Volunteer Program offers the possibility of integration with and commitment to educational and social missions in the neediest places, and of becoming aware of a concrete reality to help us make changes in our personal lives.
What are the requirements to participate?
– Be over 21 years.
– Free and unconditional interior motivation, without external constraints
– Sense of responsibility with a serious and constant commitment.
– Skills and attitudes appropriate to the service to be rendered: balance, maturity, ability to relate, adapt and work with a team.
– Willingness to receive appropriate training. The training process would begin five months before scheduled departure to the place. Attend two meetings in Madrid.
– The minimum stay in the place where you will render volunteer service is one month.
– Willingness to assume the costs of travel to the place proposed by FASFI, and within the possibilities in the most convenient dates.
– Must never have received a judgment of conviction for crimes against sexual freedom and integrity, trafficking and exploitation of minors.
If you are interested or want more information, please contact via email fasfi@planalfa.es
By clicking here you can read the testimony of Enrique Turrión who was in the “Internado Buen Retiro” (Bolivia) between February and May 2016, or the testimony of Laura Martins, who did her volunteer service in 2015 at the “Escuela del Valle de Elías Piña” (Dominican Republic) for five months.