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#31mayoFI – Golden Jubilee: Encarna Cubero

May 26, 2017

From Cotuí (Dominican Republic) Encarna Cubero answers us, on this journey we are making toward # 31mayoFI accompanied by the sisters who celebrate their Golden Jubilee.

1.- What springs from your heart at this celebration of your Golden Jubilee?
– Immense gratitude to my family – where my faith grew, to God for “having been able to destine my life to the one and greatest love” and to so many people whom I carry in my heart who gave me a hand and were the light and life in my way.
– Great trust and hope for “having heard the Word of God and followed it, trusting in Him”. Certain that he would accomplish his work in me to the end.
– Love for God (Holy Trinity), the Church and the Congregation for having been able to live, pray, work and enjoy; as part of them

2.-From this experience of life as a Daughter of Jesus, what would be your message for the sisters in formation?
That we strengthen our faith in Jesus. Let us love Him with all our heart and stay constantly united with Him.
That we put all our life in his hands so that His Spirit may vivify it, complete it, transform it and make it bear fruit.
May we always be ready to carry out any work with joy, promptness and exactitude, for his glory.
Let us renew our love for the Congregation and the sisters, supporting each other in joys and difficulties; taking greater care that our dedication may be fuller each time.
Let us place ourselves every day under the protection of the Blessed Virgin so that She may teach us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, to have his very sentiments. To live filiation, fraternity and communion with God and our brothers and sisters.

3.- Can you tell us something about your dreams and desires for the future?
I dream of peace, justice and universal fraternity. I dream of saying more intensely to JESUS in my life, DO IT.
I dream of bearing fruits of mercy, love and surrender.
I dream of the gift of conversion and that the Spirit may change and sanctify my life.
My greatest desire is to please God in EVERYTHING, to be a true Daughter of Jesus and give my life in fullness without reserve.