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A dash of universalism for the Andean American province

January 18, 2017

In her last circular, the Provincial of America Andina, Graciela Francovig, says that it was a blessing to have in Cochabamba, Bolivia, the 17 Daughters of Jesus who participated in the Renewal Course. “It was a dash of universalism that did us a lot of good. Feeling the Body and our ‘dispersion’ made us relish the ‘congregation’ in another way. So much to be grateful for.” In addition, at this time the formators of the Congregation are also in Cochabamba in a meeting with Maria Inez Furtado and Clara Echarte. “On Thursday the 19th, they will come to lunch with us at the Provincial House. Their presence has been a treasure in their sharing with us on two occasions: the Eucharist and dinner on one of the days of the Regional Assembly, at which all of us sisters in Bolivia were present as in the closing of the CBR [Bolivian Conference of Religious Men and Women]. Having truly spiritual conversations in the ‘sobremesas’”.