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A gift from the Synod. An experience

October 19, 2023

I am a facilitator at the Synod. Each new module is a new working group. We had concluded a module with an intense day of listening in several general congregations. Instead of praying in another way, it occurred to me to suggest to the new group that we begin by giving thanks for what we have felt to be the greatest gift of the synod so far.

I share mine.

Isaiah 54:2-4 was one of the texts that illuminated the beginning of the second phase of the synodal process. For years this text has accompanied my search for God. When I encountered it at the synod, I reconnected with this desire that inhabits me.

“Widen the space of your tent, stretch out your curtains, do not stop; lengthen your cords, secure your pegs…for you will stretch out to the right and to the left.”

A day and a half of silence and listening to the voices of the Church from all the corners of the earth that were present there, generated in me the exercise of to open, to push, to dislodge the pegs of my tent, of my schemes and views, to make room in my mind and heart for the Church that is truly universal, not uniform, but rich in diversity and possibilities to propose the proclamation of the Gospel in every reality.

It is not as obvious as it seems. I feel that internally I moved from place to place in order to turn and make room again for the Son of God who wants to continue incarnating himself, welcoming and redeeming all human realities, all of them, all of them, all of them!

The circular work tables are a sign of this look that reaches everyone equally.

Iris Altagracia González, FI