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June 24, 2016

A group of us teachers from Colegio Santa María joined the initiative of the Jesuits of Granada, “Workshop of initiation to the experience of God.” It is a weekly group meeting where experiences are shared from personal prayer that has been done during the week.
We have come in contact with the words Jesus has for each one, with his gestures, his way of looking, of feeling compassion … We discovered that temptation and sin exist, even if in society they are not given a name, and that God, from and with our limitations, loves us and forgives us. We feel that God calls us, from freedom, at this time of our life. It helped us see that being a Christian is not something between me and God, but learning, sharing and celebrating our life with others. Mary accompanied us on the way as a model believer and as mother bringing us closer to her son.
In this journey we have shared feelings, doubts, lights … that we experienced in prayer. After each meeting we gave thanks for the impression that God left in our lives. God invited us to this meeting with Him, “Open the door, I knock”, and has given us his grace – to encounter Him. It helped us discover his presence in different events happening to us. Today I thank the Lord for the opportunity I have had to accompany the experience, witnessing what the Spirit does in us when we are open to Him.
I conclude by sharing some synthesis of the experience they have lived:
• Renewing, positive encounter with myself and with Jesus. A step forward in my spiritual growth and sharing with others.
• An experience to share, grow, learn, feel and be more aware of the encounter with Jesus through prayer and reflection.
• Unexpected paths have been opened to me, paths that I want to follow. I have learned to open my eyes and see, besides the glow at the end of the journey, the lights on the sides of the road, which, although fainter, are also important … In order not to lose my own compass, I need the loving hand of Jesus at my side.
• It has made me become aware of the presence of JESUS in my life, day by day … In small and big things … I have been aware of the presence of the LORD in my life.
• It has been my good fortune and joy to live this experience of: growing and deepening in my encounter with Jesus through prayer, at this moment of my life, with your help, I am very grateful.
• It was a very enriching experience. It allowed me to reflect and deepen my prayer and to have an encounter with God many times during the day. It has evoked all kinds of feelings in me. I am very grateful for feeling accompanied by Jesus and you in this experience.

Petra María Hernández fi