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Apostolic discernment in common – Laity and Daughters of Jesus

April 8, 2021

GC XVIII, in addition to leaving us the Daughters of Jesus a Determination, collected six Calls in apostolic action “… to go and announce.” In the first three points they explain where these Calls come from.

1. GC XVIII wishes to thank the contributions that have come from all the places where we carry out our apostolic service. They reflect the richness of life and the desire to grow in the evangelizing task.

2. We have reflected on the requests and suggestions received. Once again we see that life is dynamic and you have different faces in different realities. We want to continue strengthening the path that together, laity and Daughters of Jesus, we are making to serve more and better.

3. We consider that there are aspects of our apostolic work that need to be promoted so that our collaboration with the kingdom has more vigor. We think that they are universal calls that we have to take care of, in the coming years, in a special way.

The Calls are the way in which the Spirit continues to encourage life in us today, we cannot lose sight of them if we want to be faithful to what the Lord has inspired us. We are committed to asking ourselves what is being asked of us with respect to them in each context.

This is the proposal to draw closer to the Calls the laity and Daughters of Jesus who share mission. We want it to be the first, the one that guides the way of placing ourselves before the others: in discernment.

“Discernment, as our way of proceeding and constant attitude in life, disposes us to leave our own love, love and interest to seek and choose what God asks of us. It is urgent to put into practice apostolic discernment in common so that our apostolic projects respond to the most universal good and the greatest needs ”.

How will we do it? The material offers some points of deepening and reflection on the conditions and elements necessary to carry out a discernment; and proposes a concrete exercise of apostolic discernment in common to choose the Call, or Calls, most urgent in each context.

 We encourage you to work on it in the lay groups of each place, united with the Daughters of Jesus, or to create local groups for this purpose.