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April 27th – Antoñita Day and FASFI Day

April 26, 2024

Every April 27 we celebrate the feast day of Blessed Maria Antonia Bandrés, an eternal inspiration for the Daughters of Jesus and for all those who seek the path of generosity and commitment. On this day, we honor the life and legacy of Antoñita, whose fervent spirit and total dedication continue to enlighten us.

Antoñita, from an early age, radiated a deep spirituality and an unwavering love for Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Her heart overflowing with charity and humility led her to dedicate her life to the service of the most needy, especially in the peripheries of Toulouse. Her example of evangelization and solidarity continues to resonate in every corner where a helping hand and a compassionate heart is needed.

Through her small gestures of love and sacrifice, Antoñita taught us the true meaning of total dedication and limitless generosity . Her emblematic phrase, “to do it, do it whole”, invites us to live with passion and determination, without reservations or hesitation.

On this significant day, we also celebrate the tireless work of the Daughters of Jesus Solidarity Aid Foundation (FASFI), which for 21 years has been a beacon of hope for vulnerable communities around the world. FASFI continues Antoñita’s legacy, bringing light and dignity to those who need it most, mainly through educational projects, women’s empowerment and support for children.

In addition, coinciding with this celebration, the International Meeting of Educators is held, a space to promote unity and collaboration among those who share the valuable educational legacy of Mother Candida. In this union of minds and hearts, we find strength and inspiration to continue transforming lives through education.

And in the midst of this festivity, we extend our congratulations to Esther Sanz, who today makes her perpetual vows, committing herself even more to the service and mission of the Daughters of Jesus.

On this day of celebration and reflection, may the example of Blessed María Antonia Bandrés continue to guide us on our path of love, service and total dedication.

Happy Blessed María Antonia Bandrés Day!